[Welcome] New Members for April 16, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Ken Sanders
Sanders Jewelry
Lorena, TX. USA


Re-joining the group after being away for a few years.

Barbara J Cohan-Saavedra
Philadelphia, PA. USA


My name is Barb Cohan-Saavedra and I have wanted to be a jeweler
since I was a little girl. My dad was a manufacturing jeweler on
Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row for more than 50 years before he
retired. He resisted my efforts to join him in the business even
after I took a night class in direct metal sculpture and learned to
handle a torch. I became an attorney but never let go of my dream.
When my dad had a stroke about 15 years ago, I ran his errands on
Jewelers’ Row, a block from my law office. My passion reignited, I
began making jewelry and haven’t looked back. Now, I look forward to
retiring from the practice of law in a few years and pursuing my
jewelrymaking full time. While I still have a steady income, I’m
taking classes and equipping my studio so I’ll be ready to hit the
ground running. In my spare time (whatever that is), I make glass
beads in my studio, and moonlight as a pastry chef at the
Mexican-French fine dining restaurant I run with my husband.
Sometimes, I even sleep!

Christine Shreve
Jenison, MI. USA

I’m a visual artist who occasionally works with metal. Most
recently, I’ve been making copper clothing buttons.

Ariane Tobin
Carlow, Co. Carlow. Ireland

I studied metal at NCAD Ireland and graduated back in 2002. I then
headed into the world of business for the intervening years and
after been made redundant in 2008 made the decision to pursue a
career in jewellery. I’m currently a student on the goldsmithing
skills course run by the Crafts Council of Ireland in Kilkenny.

Penelope Paydirt
Chilliwack, Canada

Inspired by “The Secret Life of Dust” (Hannah Holmes, author), I
prospect for crystallized paydirt in field and lab and the pursuit
of “Microminerals” economic objectives.