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[Welcome] New Members for April 12, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Coral Furrow Furrow
Cottonwood, CA. USA

Hello there, my name is Coral Dee, of course! Creating and designing
jewelry has been my love and passion since 2004. While making
jewelry is not my original ??chosen? profession, it is the perfect
avenue for my artistic expression.

My curiosity in jewelry making came by chance when it was necessary
for me to retire from my brick and mortar job due to health reasons.
While boredom soon set in, I decided I needed a hobby. I sped down
to our nearest craft store and browsed the aisles. Ah Ha!!! Guess
what I found? The handcraft jewelry section. I fell in love with all
of the beautiful, sparkly beads and polished stones. I purchased an
inexpensive beading kit which included the tools and everything else
I needed. I quickly discovered that I had an obsession for artisan
jewelry. And that??s where it all began.

Fortunately I have a wonderful husband and grown family. Because of
this, I have the luxury of working from home. Yes, sometimes I can
be caught working early in the morning and late in to the night in
my pajamas, with a huge cup of hot coffee close by. And at times I
will jump up in the middle of the night, rush to my ??bead room? and
work on a new idea that has just popped in to my dreams. But I
really enjoy working ??my? hours when and how I wish. And yes, my
husband and kids do pitch in and help with the picture taking,
cataloging and shipping. My small ??staff? ensures that you will be
treated with the utmost respect and care personally every time. To
me, each and every customer counts!