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[Welcome] New Members for April 12, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Thomas Henry Louthen III
Laurelville, Ohio. USA

I’m a pretty much retired jeweler with about 35 plus years (off and
on) designing and making silver and gold jewelry, doing about 50% of
my own lapidary work. I worked the art show circuit in my state, and
occasionally out of state for about twenty years. I moved to Canada
a few years after coming back from Viet Nam, where I made and sold
my creations through a local gallery. I returned from Canada as a
single parent in about 1977 and moved in with my current wife and
had another son, and we (my two sons and wife Ruth) built our home
and shop. My wife and I then did the shows and galleries for about
20 years. I had always intended to move to large scale sculpture,
and built a new shop, and gathered tools and materials toward that
end. By 1997 I had such a long list of custom projects to be
accomplished, I stopped doing shows and began completing the list
and doing business with a few galleries. I then ran into some serious
health issues, which made my dream of becoming a sculptor in large
scale pieces a dream forever. Then the metal market went nuts, so I
am back to being a rock hound. I now make the occasional jewelry,
and sell refurbished lapidary machines, and jewelry stone in slab,
rough, and finished cabochons (with a few carvings). Those of you
that have access to old Lapidary Journals can find an article about
me in the May 1997 (dealers) issue.

Amy Brandenburg
Asheville, NC. USA

I am a jeweler working mainly in metal clay but also doing some
traditional metalsmithing. I live in Asheville NC in the Blue Ridge
Mountains. My current line is inspired by the four elements (earth,
air, fire, water) the four seasons and the four cardinal directions
and uses designs that have those four directional elements included
in them. I am a libra and I really like balance which is why these
designs speak to me. Looking forward to chatting with you and
learning from all of the experts out there. Thanks!

Erin McIntyre
Burlington, USA

I am a Vermont artist who works full time to make money to support
her part time passions!!! I began as a landscape and still life oil
painter (which I still enjoy time to time). I have been interested
in photography as well, but currently am in love with anything metal
and wearable! I am teaching myself silver smithing, and exploring
metal clay as well. My pieces are usually one of a kind, with a
modern/classical combination to suit any woman’s tastes. I
encorporate bright beautiful beads and gemstones into some of my
jewelry as well. I am currently making hand painted jewelry boxes to
keep my hidden painter skills alive!!! Hoping to get my work more
out into the public eye via my website, shows, and stores.

I just saw Thomas Louthen’s bench on line. What a superb bench!! I’d
like to see more, and especially the rough cut stones if you have
them on -line some where. Welcome Thomas.

D. Taylor