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[Welcome] New Members for April 10, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Brian Powley
Brian Powley Engravers
Bloomingdale, Ohio. USA

Full time custom hand engraving artist

Cynthia C Brucksch
Deepwater, MO. USA

I am a self-employed artist involved with jewellery making, etching,
and oil paintings. The primary subject or theme of my work is
sporting dogs hunting. I personally own vizslas and use photographs
of dogs hunting in cloisonne, champleve, or enamel painting
techniques that may include granulation, repousse and chasing.

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown Designs
Manchester, UK

UK contemporary jewellery designer and maker, working predominantly
in silver. Inspired by organic forms, especially seeds and seed

I think this website and community is incredible. I can easily spend
hours looking at videos and reading articles. Can’t wait to get

Ji Hwang
Wellesley, MA. USA

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design
in 1995 and continued to live in New York City until moving to Boston
in 2001. Currently, I am the Jewelry Design Coordinator at Gemvara,
Inc. where I employ computer aided design (CAD) technology to extend
my craft in creating custom jewelry designs.

My early designs depict aspects of urbanism using functional
industrial elements such as pulleys, hooks and wheels. I describe
this as “Function is Aesthetic”. Despite such a cold source of
inspiration, my pieces are very sensual as they move smoothly around
the body and give the wearer a chance to individualize the piece by
adjusting the length of the chain.

I began exploring another aspect of design when I started a family
in the suburbs. Nature is the subject in my recent designs. To me,
nature is subtle. It is all around us. But without a conscious
effort to observe the beauty that nature holds, it quietly resides
in the background, not calling attention upon itself.

My work about nature tries to reveal natures subtle aesthetic,
capturing the beauty of its form, the simplicity of its design, and
the vitality of its colors without embellishment. I often find that
by simplifying my work – even simpler than the natural subject " I
can best reflect the essence of nature.