[Welcome] New Members for April 1, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mario Sarto
Bender und Sarto GbR
Bad Salzuflen, Germany


Hello, my name is Mario. I’m a professional goldsmith since 1984.
Together with my business partner we have a studio here in Germany.
We produce and dispose custom jewelry only. We favor forging - we
cast only a few products like signet rings and our sheet and wire
blanks. My preference material is Platinum (alloyed with Iridium) and
18K (or higher) Gold. Since a while i love to engrave, too. At this
time our website is available in German language only (i’m working
additionally on the English version). That’s it for the moment. If
you have a question feel free to drop me a line.

Ann Huckaba
Painted Moon Design
Oakland, CA. USA

I have a BA in Fine Arts with emphasis in direct metal sculpture. I
spent my entire work career in Graphic Design and illustration for
various media (television, magazine, newspaper, job printing). The
most currently I’ve directed artists and print buyers in-house
creative departments. I’ve always loved the smell of the torch, the
feel of metal and joy of making it yield to my design. I spent my
career doing art for others and missed the creative satisfaction of
doing my own work. Several years ago I took a PMC class at Nova
Studio from Patrik Kusek and it changed my world. I now study regul
arly under Hadar Jacobson at Textures Studio in Berkeley. My work is
primarily Bronze, Copper and Silver.

Joe Gold
J. Gold & Co. Photography, Inc
New York, N.Y. USA

Hi, I am a photographer who has specialized in jewelry photography
for over 25 years. I’m located in the heart of Manhattan. If you
take a look at my work don’t hesitate to let me know if you like it
or don’t. Thanks

Nick Binney
Appleby, Cumbria, UK

Designer jeweller with 45 years experience. Educated BA jewellery
Sheffield, MA Birmingham. Work from home due to long term illness.
Interests include enamelling, stone setting and development of
unique surface textures.

Whit Anderson
Chicago, USA

I have been following this forum for some time and decided it was
time to join. Thanks for all the interesting things I have already
learned about here.–Whit

Mark Horenstein
Malleable metalworks
Upton, USA

I started this crazy ride in 1973,right after high school. Bought an
old highland park combo unit and started slicing open any kind of
geode, beach rock, you name it. What to do with all the cut stones?
Silversmithing was the answer. Well picked up a guy one day whose car
was broken down his name was Denis Pearlman (may he rest in peace) of
Silverscape Designs (what a charachter !) he hired me to help him
out. Best thing that could have happenned to me at the time. Well
after GIA and many years of working at different shops, there was a
car accident which forced me to having my own trade shop. I run a
full service shop now and find it very gratifying. I have put alot of
smiles on many a peoples face doing what I do. I recognize alot of
names on this site and some of you I’ve met at shows working with
rick from downeast. I look forward to joining the chat and may-be
helping out with a question or answer sometime. Thanks Mark