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Welcome - Neesha Pandya

This is realy nice for me to find people like you at orchid. I am a
geologist, running countries only gem testing laboratory, well
equiped with the instrument made by System Eichkhort of Germany.
Along with that recently I have started retail shop for seeling
diamonds and colored stone base jewellery. Need your help and advice
in this course.

Mohiuddin A Sikder
Gem World Limited
Shop # 306. Iqbal Center, 42 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213
Tel. 880 2 88 99 80/ 988 72 74

Neesha, Try the Kent Institute of Art and Design at Fort Pitt
Hill,Rochester-Upon-Medway, Medway, Kent orCentral Saint Martin’s
on Swiss Cottage Road in Hatton Garden, London. Good luck, Tom


I missed the original post, so this might not be the reply you are

Kent Institute is offering a new course in jewellery design and
associated courses. Two of my HND students were accepted into the
1st and 2nd years of the course and are both loving it on account
of the dynamism of the staff and students, so I can recommend this
one to you.

Yours aye,
Dauvit Alexander,
Glasgow, Scotland.