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Welcome - Ms. Terrill Moorehouse

You should try using flex wire, it is pliable and sturdy! Tiger
Tail kinks and thread is for more advanced use.

E & W Imports, inc.
Tampa, Florida

If you have access to newsgroups, you should check alt. crafts
beads. I do know it makes a difference whether you are stringing
metal, glass, stone or other natural material.


Hi, Terrill. I’ve been stringing beads and pearls for bracelets
and necklaces and feally like the Griffin cord with the built-in
needle. I usually use the nylon, which needs to be pre-stretched
before stringing. They also make the cord in silk. I find the
nylon very strong and it lasts longer than silk. Hope this helps
and Welcome to the list!!! Gini Rollins, Belleair Bluffs, Fl.

Hi Terril, welcome to Orchid!

When I string beads I usually use fishing wire. Started doing
this when I was a teenager and my dad had fishing equipment down
the cellar. I still have some of those things now and they are
still in one piece after much wear and over 10 years. The end
knots I melt lightly with a flame so they won’t undo.

Are you originally from the New Haven area? I grew up in
Bridgeport and my husband is from East Haven.


I would suggest using tiger tail, this is a stainless steel
cable inclosed in a clear plastic coating. Strong, and readily
available from most bear suppliers.


Hi - Another possibility is to use upholstery thread - it’s a
good weight and comes in wonderful colors that will give you the
ability to match or contrast with the beads you are stringing.
If you like knotting, it can give you some interesting effects.