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Welcome - marilu

Try “Jewelry Concepts and Technology” by Oppi Untracht .With about
800 pages,it covers just about everything you might be looking for.

I am presently enrolled at a jewelry design college. I am having
trouble obtaining on the following subjects for a
thesis that I have to write.

Hi Marilu,

Try the following sources… The orchid archives have a ton of
posts about most of those subjects that we have all had problems
with… The archives will have the questions and answers to a lot of
info. Also the orchid homepage has Great! articles by Charles
Lewton-Brain on a variety of subjects, I know that a few cover what
you have listed. A good text source, as always, is The Complete
Metalsmith by Tim McCreight.Good Luck to you,

Terry Swift
Corydon, In USA (midwest where somehow spring sprang past and summer is