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Welcome Manoj Gupta

Hi Manoj Gupta,

Welcome to the Orhid group. I am very glad to meet someone on this
channel who does 22K jewelry.

Have you considered exporting your jewelry to the US? Currently I
see a lot of American designers making replicas of Indian jewelry
and selling it. If you get some of the American trade magazines
you will find quite a few companies selling replicas of Indian
jewelry. At the Tucson show in February of 1998, I saw some
beautiful repoussed pendants in 22K of Ganesh with the Goddess
Laxmi and one pendant of Ram and Sita(the detailing was
stunning with the God Ram with his bow on his shoulder and all the
fine jewlery). These pendants had accents of ruby cabs and were
approximately six inches long with rudraksh beads(matched in
size). When I held the pendants in my hand I couldn’t
believe how light and beautifully repoussed they were. The
seller’s price for these pieces were $3,000.00 for each.
These pieces were sold within five minutes(Sorry I was not the
one, because there was a buyer ahead of me who had claimed those
pieces). Besides these pieces there were a lot of vendors selling
statues of the God Ganesh(small carvings in rubies, sapphires and
emerald to large carvings in Lapis, Malachite and bronze). For
some reason Americans have taken a liking to our God Ganesh.
On one of the trading channels there is even a vendor who auctions
erotic bronze statues of Ganesh every month.

Mangalsutra is the other jewelry style that I see a lot of vendors
selling at jewelry shows. Findings in 22K was the other item being
sold. Well I can go on and on but I better stop right here.
From Surbhi Pandya (Advising all my relatives to hold on to their
old indian jewelry since they have just gone up in value).