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Welcome - lynn humphrey

Hello, my name is Lynn, can anyone tell me of publications that
deal with enameling and cloisonne jewelry making...thanks

Lynn, Glass on Metal Magazine (from Enamelist Society, 6 times per
year, comes with $45 yearly membership dues). Margarete Seeler,
noted cloisonne artist in enamels has two books, Felicia Liban is
the author of another book dealing with cloisonne. If you want
more info, you can e-mail me off list.

Donna in Wyoming

Hello, Donna, I tried calling this society in New port Kentucky
with no answer, have they moved, I also tried calling the
Thompson enamel company, have they moved also? Is Thompson the
best source for enameling supplies…also can you get started
without a class, I have an elemetary book that seems pretty
straightforward by Jinks McGrath…lynn