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Welcome - Larry W. Seguine


Welcome to Orchid. Ask what you need to know and get the
archives because there has been lots about casting lately and
Skip and J.Henkel, among others will really be able to help you.
Tell us what equipment you’ve got. But, c’mon, Chickaloon?
You’re making that up.

Yes It is Chickaloon. It is an old indian village about 70 miles
north of anchorage Alaska I personally am not an indian although I
have lived in alaska all my life. As to equipment I’m pretty
equipment poor at this time. I have a small dental burnout
furnace, and a pressure over vacuums casting machine very small.
I have a few tools but after a divorce and raising three children
on my own There is not much left. I am just starting to try and
rebuild things. At one time I had a full machine shop, lathes
milling machines, complete polishing equipment and much much
more. But Alas… That is how life goes. But I keep trying to
learn more when ever the chance arrives, and already I have
learned something new that I didn’t know before About the temp of
investment. So for now I’ll just keep reading and learning thanks
for showing an interest Jess.

                    << later >>  Larry