Welcome - Katrina Barnett

Hello Katrina

My name is Dmitry, I’M from New York (Originally from Russia) If
you find mistakes, sorry, My english still not good enough. Use to be
bench jeweler 30 years. About 2 years ago I start sinking how to
make My job easier. (To make long story short) Finally I found people
who introduce Me to new technology. I was first man in New York
State who start learn how to use New software “Jewel Cad”. It’s
took Me about 6 month to learn, because everything was new for Me.
Today I’M professional in this field, nobody now this program
better then Me. I have 5 students in deferent states USA. Also I
learn how to use Model-Maker 6-Pro, and I have one. I provide
service for everybody who use different software to create design
in any field, not just jewelry, and need hard models.

If you have any questions, call me at (718)457-8408, or email Me
at: @Dmitry_Goldfeld Visit My home page at:
http://www.doctorjewelcad.com You find there a lot of information


Dmitry (Doctor Jewel Cad)


My server is soooo busy right now I can’t get around, but there
was a long thread about photography on this list. I think it
started in late November through December and maybe some in January
’98. Go look in the Orchid archives. I found the info really
helpful. You can also find great bench tips on the Orchid site -
see Charles Lewton-Brain’s area. This is a great list. Welcome.

Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA