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Welcome - K M Rada

I am new to the world of jewerly making, I mean brand new! I
have always be very interested in the creative outlet that I
think this art will provide. I would appreciate any suggestions
on where to start, beside having the desire. I am having a hard
time locating anything in my area. Thanks!


If you are truly brand new (we’ve all been there), a good place
to start is with local classes. Sometimes local
colleges/community colleges offer some courses, but being in
Stevensville, I would recommend contacting the Gem Cutters Guild
of Baltimore. The will be offering a variety of classes
beginning the end of January (beginning silversmithing, wax
working, beginning lapidary, working with your flex shaft, intro
to faceting and wire wrapping) and are very reasonably priced.
Their number is 410-467-9838 and if no one is in they have a
message machine and will return your call. You do not need to be
a member to take classes; even if it is in Baltimore, it is well
worth the drive and will give you a good base to start from.

Good Luck!


C Gems


Hi KM,

What do you mean by ‘having a hard time locating anything in my
area’? Outlets, other jewellers, tools?

What is it you need to do?

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Hello and welcome! I just read the advice given to you about
the Gem Cutters Guild in Baltimore and wanted to let you know
that the Maryland Institute, College of Art–the oldest
accredited art college in the U.S.-- has a jewelry certificate
program available through their Continuing Studies department.
The Jewelry Center Studio is located in the same building as the
Gem Cutters Guild, the Clipper Mill Building in Hampden (north

A sampling of the courses offered for the Spring '98 semester include:

Intro. to Art Jewelry (taught by Kirsten Rook--a fabulous teacher!!)
Color in Metal (also taught by Kirsten)
The Jewelry Business:  Production, Design, Sales & Marketing
Metalsmithing for Jewelers
Intro. to Gemstones
All About Rings (taught by Shana Kroiz, the Director of the Center)
Advanced Wax Working & Casting
Photographing Your Craft or Art Object
Stained Glass
Goldsmithing Skills:  Making Things Right Workshop
Wood and Silver Inlay Workshop
Polymer Clay Workshop

The classes change each semester, so you can learn enameling,

beadworking, rendering, stone setting and many other skills.
The prices are reasonable and the studio and staff are great.
They also offer bench time during the semester at a very
reasonable cost if you are taking a class.

You can reach the MICA Continuing Studies Office at

(410)225-2219, or e-mail at The Spring '98
calendar just came out and registration will be through January

I have been taking classes there for a little over a year and

it has been a really incredible experience. It may be a bit far
to drive, but I think it will be well worth your time.

Deb Lally


This is a fairly complete list of jewelery schools in the world.

This is a great site that Charles Lewton-Brain sent the forum
with lots of great sites,full of info.

just keep posting questions,People are real busy now with the
Christmas rush but soon most will be back full force.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Dear Susan,

I called and the catalog is in the mail. Thanks for the

Have a blessed holiday season!