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Welcome - John H. Anderson

John, Welcome!

I used to live on Brinker Road in Barrington and attended
Barrington Country Day School. I moved to California when I was
six, so I don’t remember very much.

How do you like teaching high school? What kind of things do
you teach?

Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Hi Karen. In my classes we explore the basic metal techniques of
fabricating sheetmetal and wire into rings with cabachon stone
setting. Then we move on to chains, bails, catchs and hinges. And
end up with forming and forging. We also use the hydraulic press to
form multiples. Lost wax casting and glass bead making are what my
students enjoy the most. But cloisonne enameling is what I have the
most fun teaching. We have five classes of Jewelry and
Metalsmithing, including four levels of beginning and advanced
students from freshman through senior years. We have seven art
teachers in the department, all teaching their specialty and we are
very excited about what we do; especially since the com- munity
just past a referendum which will provide us with new and
rennovated facilities. Thank for your interest. John.

John, I once knew a John Anderson who was a member of AIM(
Chicago Artists In Metal)several years ago. Are you that same
John? Don Wollwage

Hi John

Is it possible to have the name and the adress of your jewelry
school. Does the school has a internet site?


Vincent Guy Audette
Quebec, Canada


You have very lucky students! I wish you could have heard Kenneth
Trapp’s lecture at SNAG. He is the current curator at the Renwick
Museum in Wash. DC. He spoke about having more art classes in

Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


Current Artwork:

Hi Vincent. We have no internet site, but our address is
Barrington High School, Visual and Performing Arts Department, 616
West Main Street, Barring- ton, Illinois 60010. John H. Anderson

Don- Yes, I am the very same. Are you still involved with AIM ?
This was great experience for me. I remember the prolific exchange
of ideas, show opportunities, and just plain good conversation
with professionals. John Anderson