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Welcome - Jenifer Astbury

Hi Jenifer, welcome to Orchid. Lot of people here who can help you with
about anything. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Sharon Holt aka

Hi there Jenifer.Welcome to the club.I am Sergio and also enyoy this
club very much.-I am a jewelry manufacturer from Mexico City.I speak
spanish obviously.I am interested in the subject of mineral and stone
resources you mentioned.I will greatly appreciate any info you could send
me on the subject.(Types of stones-wholesale prices,etc…)Here is my
Email: @sdekovic

Thank you very much and welcome again.
I need this info before the week is over because I am going out
on vacations( to Chile)-or after August 19, 1998.

Hi! Jenifer

Welcome to Orchid, have a good time learning from Orchid.

I enjoy reading the e-mail posted and learn alot of things which may be
useful when I go into jewellery making one day. I am a gemologist,
prefer to look at gemstone and admire it.

Have a good day.

Regards, Tay