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Welcome George & Virginia

Hello to all, We are just getting started in the exciting world of
gems and faceters. We are looking for all types of information
about the many facets of the art. Thank you , George & Virginia

Hello to both of you. Welcome to Orchid. This list is a wealth
of and the people on it are super.

For info specific to gems and faceting, you simply MUST subscribe
to the Faceter’s Digest (ALSO). I have yet to cut my first stone,
but the folks on the Digest have taught me all about laps, (what
to use, how to make your own, etc.), dopping, (including some very
ingenious methods to dop heat-sensitive stones), transfering,
(with and without using a block), how to prevent the disappearing
girdle effect, and much, much more.

To join the list, send email to Jerry Dewbre at:

Tom LaRussa