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Welcome - Dwayne Graves

Hi Dwayne: I hang out in the background and read Orchid. I’m not a
jeweler, just a rockhound like yourself. There is a neat magazine called
Lapidary Digest put out by a very knowledgeable fellow back east who is
caring for his wife with altzheimers that I think you would find quite
educational. There is no charge, and I think that you subscribe simply by
putting Subscribe in the subject line. Write to
This site is dedicated to lapidary only, does not go into faceting and
that stuff. Do you belong to a club? I am sure there is a good gem and
mineral club in your area. One really good advantage to a club is the
chance to go on field trips to places you might not have access to by
yourself. Sincerely, Rose McArthur @O_B_McArthurs