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Welcome - Dorothy Wright

Hello Dorothy, My name is Nina and I also live in Granite Bay on
Hidden Lakes Dr. I am a jeweler in progress and have been taking
wonderful, mind expanding classes from an experienced jeweler who
also teaches classes at Sierra and from her studio. Her studio
classes usually are limited to 6 people with VERY specialized
attention. She also has classes on specific subjects (mold making,
lost wax casting, alternative casting, hydrolic press, etching etc.
the list goes on and on). The prices for the classes are from
$32.00 to $140.00 and will last from one to four sessions). The
more classes I take, the more I can incorporate each process into
a new design, and the more I want to learn the next new process.
If you are interested in classes with a small group of "Wonderful"
beginners, intermediate and advanced students, let me know and I
will put you in contact with the instructor. Her studio is in
Auburn and the setting, excellent instruction and commarodery is
fantastic. As her students we have now formed a guild for showing
our work, and have expanded our membership to other working artists
in the community. Great to know you are so close. Hope this
can be of help to you.