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Welcome - Deb Karash

My latest work is about line, surface, and color. I am using patina
on copper to which I add some prismacolor.

I am very intrigued by your piece. If I’m not asking you to
disclose a trade secret, what is prismacolor and do you apply it to
the copper. Also do you use the Patina Green for your patina
colors. You really have beautiful workmanship and the colors are

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Sharon in Dallas


Prismacolor is just a good brand of colored pencil. Thank you for
your interest in my work. This series is a bit of a departure from
my last one and so far seams to be getting good response.

As to the actual patina, yes, I start with a commercial mixture
for patina green. I wouldn’t say it is consistant, but it
generally gives me a good enough surface to start on.