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Welcome - Claudio Gussini

Ciao Claudio ! I’m certain I speak for everyone when I welcome you
to this type of message board. I am curious about your situation in

Do you work for yourself or for a company ? Are the designs first
carved in wax or is it fabricated ? Do you work in Silver and/or
gold ? How did you come to be in the jewelry industry?
Family…friends…childhood dream? Where is it you live
exactly ?

These questions are only asked in curiosity so of course you have
no obligation to answer them.

Best Wishes, Susan M. Goodwin

Hi Susan, thank you for your interest. I work by myself , drawing
first and then sometimes carving in wax and sometimes building
directly in metal, I usually work in gold 750 o/oo. I live and
work in Trieste. Please visit my home page at URL

Ciao a presto. Claudio

Via del Pratello, 9
34135 TRIESTE Italy
tel fax +0039 040 414849
e-mail mailto:labgus@labgus
home page=A0 >