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Welcome - Catherine Burdett

Welcome to Orchid Catherine, I trust that you will find this
place as valuable as I have. Starting from scratch building up
both your knowledge and your studio is both difficult and
expencive. I find the fellow list members very helpful and full
of valuable hints and ideas.

If you’re setting up a (home) studio - please look in the Orchid
archives - lots of help there.

R G D S Lars Dahlberg/Sweden

A good place to start would be browsing the archives of this
list. The address is at the bottom of all the messages. There
are many discussions comparing different brands of many
different tools.

For tips, the “Tips from the Jeweler’s Bench” found at the
bottom of all messages is also an excellent starting point.


I have had previous luck calling dental busniesses specializing
in making partial plates etc. May times they have flex shafts
that are still usable but worn for their purposes. I bought an
old centrifical caster and little kiln with about 10 flasks
(tiny) for $200. The just had it sitting in a corner collecting
dust. Good luck


Welcome, You might try looking at catalogs from swest or
rioGrande or most of the supply houses.They usually have starter
packages that have deals on shop setups for different processes
like casting and such. It will give you an idea of the tools
needed for different processes and then you can choose what you
want to get now and what should wait. I have many web links to
suppliers at

Get them all to send you a free catalog so you can see all the
different tools and prices. If I can be of anymore help just ask.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA


I found nearly every large piece of equipment I have in my
studio by checking out the “industrial equipment” section in the
want ads. What I found was a jeweler going out of business. Who
knows, you might get lucky! I paid half of what they list for in
Rio Grande, and have worked with them for nine years with no