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Welcome - Bill & Ronda Doering

Hi, Bill and Rhonda - I heard that you guys had moved away - out
west? Not true? Glad to have you on Orchid - I really enjoy
everyone’s generosity and knowledge. Welcome!! Gini Rollins,
Somewhere near Clearwater, Fl. USA

Hi Gini…Well, I am in Colorado now and will be until the first
of June. We decided to stay in Tallahassee for one more year and
keep the store running. Financially it is the best for us. Bill
is still in Florida running the store. We will be at Wildacres
this summer then at New Smyrna in January. Then it is time to
think about moving out here again. I sure love Colorado and hate
to leave but know it is for the best. Just found Orchid a couple of
weeks ago. WOW. Like it. Ronda

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                  Bill Doering
                  Ronda Doering