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Welcome back Orchid Digest


Welcome back Orchid. It seemed like you were gone for years, though I
know it was only a few months. Your return to the web has already paid
dividends to me. Even after nearly 30 years in the trade, one can always
learn something new. For example, the other day I was tapping some 1.25mm
holes when, you guessed it, a tap broke off clean. Because of the recent
discussion of removing broken drills and taps I had the hole cleared and
was able to finish that job in a couple of hours rather than starting all
over on a new piece. I used the, "throw it into the warm pickle"
technique and the offending tap tip was gone in less than 2 hours. Thanks
again, and glad to see all our old friends back on line. Cheers, Don Dietz
at The Charles Belle Studio, “The place for unique elegance.”