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Welcome - A. G. Dalrymple

Hi, AG. I only started metalsmithing 3 years ago after spending
25 years as a fiber artist. My best advice to you (based on my
own experience) is to take every class, workshop, or retreat that
you can. Even if the subject is something that you think you are
not interested it. I just took a course on chasing and reposse,
which I really don’t like - but I learned a lot and it stimulated
many ideas for other design methods. Good luck - Gini

A\G More power to you.Remember though there is vast difference
between using email to get an asnwer and looking someone in the
eye so to speak.See what I mean I missspelled a word.I have been
a rockhound,silversmith,goldsmithand did steam casting for 25
yars,but the difference I did it as a hobby and learned that out
of 300 folks maybe one will understand what you do.Oh well
enough for now have fun have fun.thanks for reading

William -

Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I’ve used email a great
deal in other lives and tend to be very wary of asking for help.
I think a bit of passive reading and absorption of ideas is my
goal for now.

Best -



Thanks for the advice and the welcome. Textiles and books are
my other loves, and I find them influencing the way I think
about metals. I’ll work to keep an open mind, and hope that my
family will continue to be open to my new interest.

Best –


AG - My textile background definately affects my design esthetic
toward metals. I love to apply textures to the surface of the
metal. Don’t know if I mentioned it but I was fortunate to get a
county arts council grant last year to buy my rolling mill. That
is the best and quickest way I’v found to put the textures I like
onto the silver or gold. Good luck with your new venture!!!