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Weirdest (Grossest) flex shaft attachment ever

Hi gang,

Insomnia and “Auction Hunters” are a bad combo.

WARNING: If you’re easily grossed out by medical stuff, hit
(Delete) now. You were warned

So I’m watching a reality TV show about people buying abandoned
storage lockers. What should come up but a bunch of stuff out of a
pathology lab. Including a Foredom CC.

I thought I’d seen pretty much all the weird flex-shaft attachments
out there. Belt sanders, coil winders, saws, even bandsaws and a
jigsaw. No, I had to watch this, to discover that someone once made
a bonesaw that fits right on to the end of your standard CC cable.

I also discovered that I just had to share. I couldn’t be the only
CC owner who knew about this.