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Weird stone reaction

A year or so ago I bought some beads at the wholesale show in
Orlando. They were lovely beads, sold as Imperial Agate. A gorgeous
sort of denim blue color, with lines running through and hints of
red/ purple in some. If you held them up to the light they almost
glowed. Just lovely. I made myself a pair of earrings using them that
I wear a lot. So this morning I put on those earrings, still the
lovely blue shade. Putzed around, took one of the cats to the vet,
worked on the computer, started cooking a pot of homemade minestrone,
that sort of thing. Just went to take them off and my lovely blue
earrings are now a weird sort of turtle green with patches so dark
green they are almost black. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ve
been wearing them on and off for well over a year… Could they have
had some sort of reaction with the steam from the minestrone??? I
can’t think of anything else that might have made them change, and
even that is very, very odd…

Any thoughts?

Oh - and they don’t glow any more in the light :frowning:

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

They were treated somehow and had a reaction to something

Imperial agate is sometimes used as another name for sea sediment
jsper. Mostly these are dyed agates but there is a variety of sea
sediment jasper that is blue-green that is variscite which is
similar in chemical composition to Howlite. If the beads came from
the far eas it may be that the names got intermixed in translation.
Some variscite is quite porous and will take up body fats and the
like and change from blue to a dirty green in the same way as natural
turquoise can.

I hope this is informative even if it doesnt apply to your beads.

Nick Royall

Hi maybe dyed with poor dye that was not properly fixed with an acid
agent so it changed when the steam and acid from the tomatoes hit it
you can try jewelry cleaner but i think that the stones were just
made to look pretty enough to get your cash then who cares after that
this is why i do not buy from china

I have had luck with copper cleaning power Brasso and regular dish
soap yo wash it with the brasso then soap and it restored the peacock
luminescense to some things i had to experiment on :slight_smile:

I have been ill a long time so may not make much sense but hope it
helps PS retired chef here another reason we do not cook with jewlery