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Weight of wax vs 18ct gold

Hi All

I’m currently in the process of making mine & my fiancee’s wedding
rings. I’m most definitely flying by the seat-of-my-pants and
although I wrote down the conversion number for Wax: 18ct gold I now
can’t seem to find it anywhere!!

How much 18ct gold should I use for my wax ringse?

Thanks everyone

15.7 x wax for yellow 18k gold plus you’re button!

I have in my charts 15.5 18K to 1 wax.

Ken Moore

About 15 to 1. Wax has a specific gravity close to 1. 18K has a SI
close to 15 depending on the alloy

18 kt to wax is 15.621 in hard carving wax.

Jo Haemer

I use a factor of 16 times the wax weight.

David L. Huffman

Weigh your waxes, multiply by 15.5 and that’s the metal for your
rings. Add spruing and button if necessary.

I have in my charts 15.5 18K to 1 wax. 

There are variations in waxes, it can depend on the brand.

I had a chart of brands someplace, but I’ve misplaced it. sorry :frowning:

Regards Charles A.