Wedding Rings from Wax

My sister asked me if I make the wedding bands for her wedding. I got the tube wax and made a couple mock ups but I cant seem to make it look perfect and round. Does anyone have some tips or a good article/video recommendation to help me get a better understanding on how to make them look exceptional?
I just want it to be very special for them!

Thank you guys I really appreciate all the help :slight_smile:


check out some of these you tube videos on wax carving:
you can use a divider and wax file, and systematically remove material, or you can use a flex shaft as a sort of lathe, if you get a few attachments…




i should have also mentioned that when using the dividers to scribe, and then filing to the scribe lines, it is good to always keep the lines at first, so you have a “true” edge to scribe from next…

similarly, if you use dividers to mark off the ring into quads (like 12, 3, 6, and 9 oclock), always keep those marks as long as possible so you can stay “trued up”…

move/file from guideline to guideline…

its a matter of thinking and planning your next moves in removing wax systematically, using guidelines, and a little at a time

i hope that makes sense.


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That’s awesome thanks for taking the time to explain that to me, it makes a lot of sense!

If it’s a simple band try using a matt wax lathe. It’s great for bands. You might be able to pick up a second hand one somewhere.


Fill the scribed lines with talcum powder. It makes them a whole lot easier to see.