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Website building software

Does anyone have a suggestion for a Mac friendly web editing
software package specifically for jewelry websites? I have received
via orchid about Jewelspan, but don’t know anything
about it.

Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

I am the Jewelspan founder and managing director and responding to
Rob Meixner’s query. I would like to invite Rob to take a closer
look or, better, a free trial with a jewelspan website and the tools
that allow our members to manage and customize their websites.

Jewelspan sites have all the features that a jeweler needs -
unlimited images (with muliple image views of individual pieces),
pages, galleries, ecommerce functions including an integrated cart,
full stats, and almost unlimited design capabilities. At the moment,
the cost is US$99 for a year…

We have been doing this for over 13 years with, so we
know what are doing. All Jewelry sites can also have their work show
in our Jewelspan and Artspan Shop results. There is NO commission on
work sold to buyers who go directly to the individual website.

Click here for full info



Eric Sparre
Managing Director
Artspan LLC ( and

Quick glance,

Jewelspan looks more like a hosting service catered towards
jewelers. Kind of like Etsy, but jeweler specific.

If your looking to host your own site, probably best to look
elswhere. If not, I don’t see any issues with it, but then again, I
don’t know much more about it.

I picked up “Rapid Weaver” in a bundle not too long ago. Not jewelry
specific but Easy working on a Mac.

Here is it by itself.

The software sells for $80, but the bundle I got it in cost $50. You
will see it now and again in such bundles. Funny thing though, to get
real good use out of it, you do have to buy add-ons. Which is why I
waited for a bundle to come up.

Chris Lund

Does anyone use Wordpress for their website? Does it allow you to
easily insert pictures and add simple text? How is it hosted? I need
to move to a new web editor and hosting site and hope that Orchid
readers can help me make this decision. Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

Hi gang,

I meant to hop in on this thread earlier, but got tied up.

For the Mac crowd who misses iWeb, I’ve had very good luck with

I actually have DreamWeaver as part of my Adobe bundle, and don’t
bother with the learning curve. RapidWeaver does everything I need,
without the brick-wall learning curve.


I have a few wordpress blogs and have my own hosting account at
GoDaddy. Wordpress has many free themes (the structure and look) but
they also have many, many themes that can be purchased so I’d look
for one that’s specifically for pix…or you can probably get
one of the many Wordpress plug-ins or add-ons that enables pix.

Lisa Van Herik

Does anyone use Wordpress for their website? 

You just can’t beat Dreamweaver. State of the art website design

Does anyone use Wordpress for their website? Does it allow you to
easily insert pictures and add simple text? How is it hosted? 

Yes, yes, self hosted.


I’ll be facing that problem eventually. I’ve been using GoLive 6 for
years now and it’s pretty instinctive by this time, but my current
Mac is the last I can use it with. It won’t work with any newer
operating system and I’ve been looking around for an eventual

The cost of Dreamweaver sticks in my craw, and anyway Adobe has gone
over to that stupid cloud system where you have to rent all their
software, so older versions of Adobe software will soon be like
prized antiques. I’ve been doing some research on the web, and I just
downloaded KompoZer, which has some very good reviews and seems
promising at first look. Alberic’s recommendation of RapidWeaver is
also something I will look into.

Janet Kofoed

If you’re familiar with photoshop, there is a plug in called Site
Grinder made expressly for website building.

the “layers” bit in photoshop make pages…

shapes you draw or images can be used as buttons (that have button
properties… etc…) I understand they even have E commerce now,
though they did not when i built one.

I’ve used it and found it pretty easy to get through.


I’ve had problems with Kompozer. It seems fine with pages built from
scratch in Kompozer, but when importing pages built with DreamWeaver
it generally corrupted them. So be careful.

Elliot Nesterman

Look at Web Studio 5.0 It worked for me.

Richard Langbert