[Webinar] Webstite marketing mistakes

How to make your website so good that customers stay on it and even
buy stuff or come into the store.

I found a marketing & website guy that will show you how to improve
your website so when it comes to your customers::

Give them reasons to come into the store Or buy stuff.

Have prospective customers actually stay on your website and read it
This is not a sale pitch. he goes through 37 websites and critiques
each one as to why they are good or why they stink. He’s looking for
three things on a website right when you hit the page:

What is it about?
Who are they talking about?
What do I get out of it?

You think that’s simple? I’m betting they way your website is laid
out is on the screen of one of the 37 sites he critiques.

Click on this link and view the video. Its about 1/2 hour and
there’s no BS and no selling. Great stuff. He’s giving a free webinar
this Monday at 11 est and I signed up for it.

David Geller