Web system recommendation

When I taught a basic web course we created something similar to
your need. The answer relied on using a database (we used Access in
class) with photos and fields of Then a bit of
javascript code (much easier than learning the full blown Java
language) with a coding loop extracted the photos and info we needed
to see. More Javascript in a loop created the code to view it on the
web. Javascript also allowed us to use drop down boxes on the web
page to allow users to choose from lists of choices. So the short
answer is that it can be done a lot cheaper than hiring someone
(faster than many also). However, if you want to SELL DIRECTLY from
the web site then I strongly recommend NOT writing it yourself - pay
the price to use a working, fully tested, product from a company who
does it for a living. You don’t want to fool around when selling and
collecting money.

If you want to discuss further contact me offline and I’ll see if I
can still find some sample code for you.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs

I have used Securecart.com for a very long time. Mark runs a great
shopcart, its secure, dependable, easy for the customer… and easy
to set up. The important thing is that the cart is secure and
dependable. If a customer ever tries to make a purchase and the cart
is out to lunch… you LOST a customer. You can add this cart to any
e-catalog quite easily. Spend a few $$$ and do it RIGHT! Its your
first contact with thousands of potential customers.


If you don’t mind using a paypal “add to cart!” type system, I’ve
found a professional wordpress plugin ($55 for an individual) that
works very nicely. It is a glorified paypal “add to cart” type of
system, so if you’re looking for something more professional with a
payment API, this isn’t it.

But even though this is a step below that, it is very slick. You add
products through the wordpress admin, and it has many aspects to the
layout that is customizable from there. It also helps to know a bit
of CSS (which luckily, I do!) I just bought this theme yesterday so
my shop is still in progress but you can check it out if you’d like:


And the theme itself:


Thanks to those who have given good suggestions on ideas for my web

I do not have time to implement them now but as Andreas pointed out,
if I do not need a shopping cart function what I am looking for is
very similar to an online gallery. Some interesting looking software
that I found for that is here : http://www.plogger.org/

A listing of other gallery software is here

As far as a more traditional ecommerce look goes with shopping cart
etc the suggestion by Christopher of some open source software looks
interesting. http://www.oscommerce.com/

Any other ideas?

Thanks for all the input!
John Dyer