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Weaving Polish Question

Try using Alum (powder or crystals) as a pickle just put a large lump
(bit bigger than a golf ball) in hot water (I use a glass Pyrex bowl
on a gas hob Low) leave your piece in for about 20-30 mins clean off
in water and then polish.

Thanks PTownsend

After pickling, you might find that a brass brush used with water and
detergent, will bring up enough shine that you won’t feel the need to
buff. I like a brass brush better than the steel ones that are
recommended for silver by Rio. They rust and I think, are stiffer.

Marilyn Smith

Great care need be taken if using Marilyn’s brass brush idea. On a
woven surface you could have many bits of the brush breaking and flying
about. But the main thing is that the brass can actually transfer the
yellow color to silver. I used that knowledge to good effect on a
silver portrait of a Golden Retriever. By leaning on it uniformly, a
color near 10ky was obtained and was quite effective. Perhaps the
rust problem could be helped by more detergent and a prompt rinse and
drying after use. Good luck - I love woven silver and haven’t
managed it myself. Pat

Wow, you must really use a lot of pressure. I’ve never noticed this
happening. Perhaps you didn’t use enough water and detergent when you
tried. It’s really a burnishing action that you are trying to
accomplish not a grinding action and you do need the brush made for
this purpose. Marilyn

If you want a mirror finish on your wire. You can use diamond insert
dies or at least tungsten insert dies but diamond is preferable.With
this dies you can achieve a very bright finish prior for chain
weaving, just be sure to use alcohol and boric acid to protect the
wire when soldering. It is going to save you a long time on final
polishing. Marco