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Weak joints

If your joints are weak, it could be because they have not been
properly cleaned and fluxed, 

G’day; my joints have been weak - and a bit painful - for quite a
long time now, but my doctor thinks I ought to try your remedy since
hers only gives me pains in my tum after a while. Would I be given
an anaesthetic? Only those make my hair fall out too. But Cheers! –
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

just a thought: the flame could be turned too low, i tended to do
that at first from concern about the link melting. however, it
turned out that a little hotter flame will heat only the solder & the
join area so quickly that there’s no time for the heat to be
conducted to the rest of the link. these are all neat little bits
that are doubly welcomed & appreciated by me because they had to be
learned alone (which works out well since that means there’s no one
around to roll around the floor laughing & blackmail me later) good
luck - ive