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Ways to tie up with designer?

I am in quandry, in tie-ing up with a jewelry designer, to be fair
to her - as well as to ourselves after the negotiation.

I am sure there are lots of you, who would have dealt with somewhat
akin situation in your business life, or would have some very
constructive way to deal with the following situation.

Here is the situation, that I have for which I have to come up with
a fair solution. What are the norms?

The jewelry designer is assuming the responsibility to come up with
her own original designs on the paper and to finalise it in tangible
form. She will also have the responsibility to sell the unique piece
of jewelry to her customer and realise the money.

Everything in between, will be invested by me. Here is the tricky

The reason of the tie up is to move one of a kind, fine gemstones in
color, that run into low to medium five figures, that will call for
fine diamonds as well as investment in precious metal also.

The questions I have are as following

  • Who will own the designs? What will be the demarcation of the
    ownership of the design?

  • What compensation will be fair or What to be paid? When to be

  • What if the the designed is not sold?

  • What is the fair amount of period to wait for the sale of the
    jewelry after it is finished?

  • Is there any other way to tie up with the designer?

  • Will it be a good idea to get the designer to invest
    something in her creation in terms of labor, diamond, metal

  • How to keep the designs exclusive?

The sages out there can add any other relevant and pertinent

I want to thank one and all in advance for your input. Feel free to
contact me off list.

Anil Gupta