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Ways to minimize scratches on mirror finish?

Hey Guys!

I work a lot in silver and I can acheive beautiful mirror finish etc… However needless to say that almost even wiping with materials like toilet paper on a mirror finish will put tiny tiny scratches on a beatiful surface…

Ive come across much cheap jewelry that seem somewhat scratch resistant in this regard… I this some kind of plating technique, coating etc etc?

Is the scratches just a part of working with real 935 silver, or is there som sort of trick im missing. Only thing i can think of is heat hardening the silver a bit?

Lemme know your thoughts, best regards William

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i have some bright shiny, durable sterling silver jewelry…that is rhodium plated


Heat hardening would absolutely help. The harder the metal is, the better the polish you can achieve and maintain. If you search the archives here you’ll find a number of discussions of heat hardening, including instructions for doing it in a household oven if you have one that can get up to and maintain 600°F.


You can also run the jewelry through a rock tumbler with Stainless Steel shot and water with a drop of dish soap. I use a custom mix of Jeweler’s shot and pins used for cleaning out the primer pockets (small holes) on brass casings. This work hardens/burnishes the surface which helps with achieving a higher and more durable polish.

Just an afterthought: I also wonder if you have been depletion gilding your silver? If so, you’ve possibly created a layer of fine silver on the surface, which may be quite soft and more prone to scratching?


on a related note, Reamers steamer is a godsend to blow off/ quick dry mirror finish pieces after the ultrasonics.

one of my most favored pieces of equipment…i bought used from a friend…

i had preciously bought and tried an atmospheric on demand type steamer, but it was not as good…


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