Wayne Werner Goldsmithing demo

Hi gang. I am proud to say that I was selected by the MINT MUSEUM OF
CRAFT AND DESIGN in Charlotte NC to take part in their “EXTREME
CRAFT DEMONSTRATION” series. Each month a Different artist working
in a different medium is selected to demonstrate their craft live on
the Hearts Plaza directly next to the museum in Downtown Charlotte.
If the weather is bad the demo is actually inside the lobby of the

On October the 6th from 11:30am until 1pm I will be demonstrating
and discussing how my work is created. My approach to jewelry making
is small scale forging and assembling. I work in Gold and Platinum,
I start with small pieces of sheet and wire then form them by cold
forging. The finished pieces may be one forged piece or up to 20
small forged pieces assembled together. I call this “Micro Forging”.
Being from the Hammer school of thought, one of the hardest things
to do is not look like the other more well known goldsmiths that
cold forge. Through my work, I attempt to remind people that metal
is a liquid, a crystallized product of the earth cooling down. I
want it to look fluid when I am done. I want people to remember that
they were once liquid…a sperm and an egg…they too are a
product of the earth cooling down.

The “EXTREME CRAFT DEMONSTRATION” is designed to increase awareness
of craft to the general public. If there is a local jewelers group
in Charlotte NC that would like to have me discuss the techniques
that I use I would be glad to do it. The MINT MUSEUM has offered me
the use of the meeting room for a slide show.

Since 1986 I have been gainfully employing myself as an artisan. In
1996 I was fortunate enough to have taken a trip around the world to
study goldsmithing from Italy to Egypt and Indonesia. I am honored
to be a part of a group that is able to explore the labyrinth of
their own creativity. It is truly a gift meant to be shared.

wayne werner

Are there and jewelry students in Charlotte NC. that would like to
attend a free demo at the MINT Museum in Oct? Or have a slide show
for an organization? please see an earlier post titled “Werner Demo”