Waxes and Freeze-it 2000

Hello Peter or stephanie you can use the freeze it 2000 on the
wax , but i find it works best on coarse burrs used with either a
fordom machine (flex shaft) or , in my case, i use an
electonicaly controlled dc motor hand piece (one is adjustable
to 35,000 rpm , the other goes to 50,000 rpm).

When carving wax, i usually run at around 2000 to 5000 rpm and i
freeze my burrs just before use. this works well on injection
waxes that have been built up by hand and need to be modified.
sometimes i will size injected waxes that i will clean up and
then cast in gold, silver or brass/bronze. after sizing them in
the wax, i will then clean them up with my frozen burrs and then
smooth out any defects with a wax dissolver. Play around with
it… If you ever need high quality castings in the above metals,
i do that as well. best regards, Dan