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Wax slabs wish

I wish the Matt carving wax tablets were wider. 6+ and 3+ is nice
but I’d like the same 6+ and 4+inches. It would make better use of
my milling machine. In the same vein, I wish they came in a wider
variety of thicknesses. Start at 2.5. Then maybe 3.5.

I wouldn’t mind at all if these were made real.

Add more to the width and make a thinner one. I have a number of
pieces where the existing thicknesses are just great but it would be
nice not to have to mill away so much for some of the other pieces.
With the extra width I could get two pieces on one tablet and that
would make milling time so much more efficient.

Thanks for listening to my rant – Justine

Otto Frei carries Ferris wax in larger sizes, close to 6 x 4: Product 1080


Justine, check with a machine tool supply company like MSC. Some of
them will carry wax pieces up to 12inches square.


Contact Kindt Collins in Denver Colorado. MAJOR wax manufacturer and
would expect that they would have it.

John Dach


Careful what you wish for…

Machinable Wax for cnc proofing comes in larger blocks.
has very good prices for blue, has blue, purple and
green at slightly higher prices; but no where near "jewellery"
prices. Not much variety in thickness but with a bow saw (for cutting
firewood) it’s easy enough to slice.

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

Here is a site for a large maker of waxes for the foundry industru
along with other items for casting. they should be able to let you
know a local outfit that has thier product. the vides on the sight
are good. the second site is also theirs but for non industrial
volume user.