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Wax settings

Good day. I’m looking for a way to make very accurate bezel
settings for fancy (oval, emerald, pear) faceted stones in wax. I
plan to make a unique model for each stone. My question is: is there
a way to cast a perfect setting for a specific stone which requires
little or no grinding, bur cutting, or other tedious carving? This
might sound naive, but I enjoy wax carving much more than trying to
fit a stone into a rough casting. for example, do I have to worry
about some sort of shrinkage, like I would get if I make a mold? Has
anyone ever used that ‘Hot Seats’ wax carving tips that rio grande


Aloha Tato, CAD/CAM technology would be an answer to your
application. The shrinkage issue is there, no matter if it is done
as traditional handmade master models, wax carving, or CAD/CAM
technologies. The shrinkage is a controllable and predictable
variable of the modelmaking / moldmaking processes. Please review
our website, and feel free to contact me

Best Regards,
Christian Grunewald
Precision Modelmaking Technologies
(808) 622-9005
Technical Representative for Model Master