Wax repair at a show

I just finished the Indian arts and crafts show in San Diego at the
Bazaar Del Mundo. There were not too many customers but I still sold
well. Without a lot of customers I had a lot of sit around time.
Visiting with your fellow artists can only fill part of the sit
around time.

I demonstrate how to carve wax when the customers want to know how I
create my artwork or when there are no customers. Sure makes siting
around waiting for a customer a lot more productive.

I use Ferris Blue carving wax. I have been know to make a mistake or
two in my carving. Well, maybe more like a bunch.

Before the show I found a Weller BP645 battery powered soldering
iron that makes fast repair of goofs. The iron is powered by three AA
batteries. It will get hot enough to smoke the carving wax. The on
and off switch is the only heat control it has.

Press the on switch on the iron and wait about 10 seconds then load
it with wax and do your repair. Be sure to melt the model wax as you
add the wax from the iron. If the iron gets too hot just release the
on switch. Let the wax cool then file it flat to the rest of the

When I am home I carve wax while I sit in my easy chair in the
living room. I no longer have to get up and go into my work room to
repair a goof. That might not be such a good idea as that is when I
get my exercise.

All you wax workers might want to check it out.

Lee Epperson