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Wax Release Castaldo Gold

Jim, some applications require that you go to a rubber that itself
has great release. Rather than continuing to fight with release
agents, go to Zero D Products’ 4X GOLD Silicone Mold Rubber.The
rubber is very pliable and will instantly release without any sprays
ect.I keep a box around for just such occations. Call them at
1.800.382.3271 to get some for yourself. What is nbsp?

Good Luck, Craig Miller

** Hanuman’s response: nbsp? is an html character that we failed to
clean while converting the html post to Orchid text only paradise **

I want to thank all of you that responded to my question and helped
solve my problem. It appears the wax temperature being too high was
causing it. Being new to this that is a thing I would not of
thought about and appreciate the responses and suggestions.

Craig, the “nbsp” was caused because I sent the email in html
instead of plain text. This email should not have that problem.

Jim D


I agree with what has already been said. Verify the temperature of
your wax and make sure it is consistent with Kerr’s manufacturer
recommendations. Answers to this and similar questions can be found
at If you would like, you may
also email and we’ll try to see what we can do to
be of service.

Kind Regards,

Ben Adams
Western Wax