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Wax questain

Hi, I doubt that wax temp will destroy the rtv mold. Pewter casters
use rtv for their metal castings. could contact Castaldo for tech
info on the product you used.

If you plan on using the mold I would recommend you try different
injection waxes.

The Rio Grande catalog lists many injection waxes, their temperature
and the pressure recommended for injection. You can find them at
1-800-545-6566. Would recommend you get a copy of their catalog even
if you don’t order from them. Illustrations an descriptions of
tools, etc., are very well done.

I have found with rubber molds that the cooler the wax, the better
impression I get. I was having trouble getting all the intricate
detail I wanted when I first started making molds. Common sense
tells you that if the mold is not filling properly the wax is not hot
enough to flow properly. Wrong. I kept increasing the wax temp and
got worse results. Once I cooled the temp down I started getting
better results. I use a pressure injector so it may be different
from your problem.

When using open faced molds I found pouring the wax very slowly from
one side worked best. Unfortunately what works for one does not
necessarly work for others.

good luck