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Wax questain

Friends-- The discussion of wax types coincides with an experiment of
mine, and prompts a question.

I do a little casting of carved waxes, but never used a rubber mold
before. I just made av RTV, one-piece mold (using the wonderful free
sample from Costaldo) of a flat, originally cuttlefish piece. Then I
had fun, yesterday, pourinw wax into it and popping out models. I
discovered that blue carving wax remains quite viscous when melted,
but that green carving wax gets quite watery and works much better. I
have, at the moment, only carving and modelling waxes, and no injection
equitment. What i am wondering is, will I ruin my mold if the wax is
too hot, if so, what is too hot, and, is there a wax that would be
appreciably better for this purpose? Since this is a cuttlefish-cast
original, minor imperfections are not noticeable.