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Wax molds, re-sizing of rings & re-melting wax

Hello everyone, Can injected wax that has been previously molded be
re-melted if it turns out that there are some flaws? If so, how
many times can it be re-melted without ruining its properties? Or
do you just throw it out and forget about it? (especially since wax
is relatively cheap)

Also, I made a wax mold from a ring that I would say is fragile
because of how thin it was in certain areas of the ring. The size
of the original ring was a size 6, and the wax mold was very close
to size 6 because I used “No Shrink Pink” rubber for the mold. I
injected with pink wax. The chore here was to re-size the ring to a
size 9. I played with about 6 or 7 wax models, with the idea that
if I could re-size the wax mold, I would save myself a lot of time
because I would cut out having to re-size the finished product.
Well…, I cut the wax mold at the shank and slid it down a ring
mandrel, while gently warming the wax. In each of those cases, the
wax was fragile enough, where later on, it eventually broke in the
design part of the ring when I was gently sanding, or very gently
filing the wax to get it to its finished state. In each case, this
mishap took place after I added the additional wax to enlarge the
ring to size 9. After trying to repair the break in the ring on the
design section several times, I was not happy with the result and
bagged it. I ended up casting the original wax mold in size 6 using
14k gold, and re-sized it to size 9 with no problems at all. But my
time element to do this, was much longer than had I been successful
in re-sizing the wax mold. Am I missing something here, or is
re-sizing commonly done by re-sizing the wax model before casting?
Thank you for your comments about this.

Glenn Block
Shardan Jewelry