Wax modeling

Allan and all

My strength is wax model-making and casting in sterling silver

I would like to improve my wax modeling skills especially the
speed. I have been asked to do models for someone else lately.
Do you have any suggestions that might help? Are there any
videos available? I live in the Seattle area and might attend
classes near here but can’t really afford to travel at this time.
I know practice would help but might there be some exercises
that would be helpful. Are there any books that have good


Hello Lori, The best book i have ever seen on wax carving is by
Matt Matielo and is availble from most jewelry supply companies.
I know the Contenti co. 800-343-3364does carry it. Mr mattielo is
usually invited to carve waxes at a number of the jewelry shows
in the U.S. for either Guesswein or Rio Grande and he does free
demonstrations at the show and explains everything in great
detail. I have seen him carve a wire basket ring underbezel with
a 6x8mmcenter stone and 12 2 point diamond holes on top of the
ring… from a single piece of wax …in about an hour. This
is hard to believe, but true. He has plastic stencils that you
put on the wax to get the shape of numerous ring shapes, side
views , top views, stone sizes etc…etc. all of these “tools” are
available from any of the main jewelry suppliers who carry his
books. He may have a video as well.Incidentally , he is a good
friend , so if you see him at a show, please say hello from
Daniel Grandi . I hope this helps.

Daniel Grandi