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Wax Lathe Job

Hi, I need to get a wax carved by machine. The ring needs to be done
in-the-round, and has a deep geometric pattern. I would prefer to do
this in Canada, U.S. is my second choice. Any Lathers interested??
karen Sorry if I am repeating myself…computer troubles


We do turn waxes.To contact us e-mail to @Thorrko_The_Name_For
att.Rafal We are located in Toronto Canada.

Speaking of turning, I need your help! I have found a partial or
complete, I do not know which, SONIC - MILL there are brochures with
it of a model 900 and new that is worth 12,000. plus, but I am not
sure how to identify if it’s a mill or a drill and I have no idea what
something like this is worth used. My search of the net has not helped
and e-mail to SONIC-MILL goes un answered. It was in a storage unit
sale. ALL help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all

Art Smith
69253 Lariat
Sisters, Oregon 97759


Does it look like this? It so
it’s a mill, but it’s an Ultrasonic Mill. I have know idea how it
would work or if it’s useful or not. From what I have read briefly,
it’s for milling things that don’t normally get milled, ceramics,
glass ect. It appears that Sonic-Mill is currently owned by the
Riogrande folks and only offer one product, a new one:

Good Luck,

Ed Colbeth


Hence the name Sonic, what you have here is an Ultrasonic Machining
Centre which is both milling and drilling. This is a highly
specialized machine for cutting very difficult materials such as glass
ceramics hard metals and so on. There are 2 types, the first is a
stationary and the other is a rotary application. Both use The
Ultrasonic technology and the difference between the two is that the
Rotary one also turns a spindle at up to 4000 RPM which allows for a
more aggressive machining strategy for hard materials. Both utilize a
power supply and converts the electricity into a high frequency
(20Khz) signal which then through a piezoelectric converter, converts
this high energy frequency into mechanical motion, which is usually up
and down in Z. This can move at approx. 20,000 times per second. If my
memory serves me right, I believe the Bell Group which owns Rio
Grande used this machine in their R & D department, so you might be
able to call them for assistance. As far as the value of the machine
goes, I would have to say with anything used, it is worth what you are
prepared to pay for it when comparing to buying new. I would first find
out if it is in fact complete, and if not, do your research to
establish what it will cost to get this thing running and for someone
to teach you how to use it. My biggest concern is whether you can get
the support to help you get this thing up and running, however it is a
fabulous machine for the right application. It can be utilized for
jewellery as anything else, but I would find out what the cost per
hour in materials such as fluids and abrasives would be to run this
machine, as it may fall outside of the realms of doing custom work to
the trade.

Best Regards.
Neil George

Hi Art,

Neil is right on in his posting. The Bell Group which is Rio Grande,
Nuetec, Sonic Mill, Bluewater Packaging(if they still call it that),
River Gems & Findings, Santa Fe Symposium and is associated with
Academy Corp., and Red Sky has a division that manufactures ultrasonic
milling machines. The name above ‘Sonic Mill’ is the part of the
company you want to talk to. You can call using the Bell Group’s 800
number and ask for Sonic Mill. They should be able to transfer you to
them. I’m not sure who all is still there but I would imagine Wayne,
Mike or Clyde would be there and they are the ones that could help
you. They are all great people and will do their best to help you get
going. I know a little bit about sonic milling but not enough to help
with the specifics.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

We repair the tools jewelers use.

Hi, you replied to my Orchid message, I need to get a wax cut, Size
4. Approx 1cm wide, possibly 2mm thick, low dome, the design must be
at least 1mm deep. a gentle comfort fit if possible. Please send me
an estimate, the pattern (which resembles a bike tire) is attached,
let me know if you cant open a jpeg. karen in canada

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