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Wax Injectors

Orchidians, I do small production casting, I use a wax injector from
Grobet, a spring operated pressure pump that is right in the middle
of the pot. you can use one hand to shoot waxes. I hire unskilled non
jewelry backround people who can use this and they do have to get
used to doing something unfamiliar, but it works so well that after
one or two days, they are doing as well as someone who has worked
here for years. Part number is 21.0855a, Naja in Denver carries them,
$195.00, 303-426-6284. Richard in Denver

Hi Alice, We sell the Injectomatic II and a couple of other units. If
you’re interested email or call toll free and I can help you decide
which would be right for you even if you don’t buy one from us.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

The wax injector needs 15 psi . This is easy with a foot pump for
tires. ( check auto stores I have seen some for $8.00)

Get the full size and you can hook the foot pump to it.

Just keep an eye on the guage and never let it go under 10 psi it
will work.

Cost of full size Wax injector will be about $ 260.00

I hope this will help
Kenneth Singh