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Wax injector instruction manual

Hi Folks,

We have a wax injector at school that has been separated at birth
from it’s instruction manual.

It is a:
Benbassat Type A
(farely new, not sure year though)
Type A2
No. 251
Elect. Sup. 110 v
Amps 4.5
KW .500
Max Work Pres. 2.5
Hz 60
Fase 1

Does ANYONE out there have the same unit or a source for the
manual?? Even tricks to run it would be good.

A wax injector is a terrible thing to waste.

Please send help!

benbasset is a mfgr. in Israel They sometimes show products ,at
catalog in motion ,at the Tucson spring show. Someone at Rio Grande
can probably get you their address and telophone number in Israel.