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Wax injection falure

I had someone produce models and a mold of band rings with lettering in a channel. I’m using a regular wax pot for injecting wax and can’t get a single complete wax to come out, the lettering just won’t fill. The guy that produced these rings uses a vacuum wax injector and told me they produce good waxes using that injector. Usually, I would vent a section of mold that doesn’t fill, but I’m trying to produce hundreds of these rings and am afraid of possible vent lines in the lettering, making it very difficult to produce a ring with clean lettering. I really want these to work for me, but can’t afford a quality vacuum injector at several thousand dollars. There are cheap Chinese ones on the market within my budget, but you get what you pay for so I’m shy to get one of those. I’m thinking I would likely have the same issue with a varied design of these rings, but I would still like to produce them, so the options I see are for me to buy a vacuum injector or find someone that provides a wax injection service. Is there anyone in this forum that can provide this service or suggest someone that does? I also have no idea of what having waxes produced by a service would cost, and what a fair price is. Any help or suggestions with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
Rick Barnes in central Florida

Hi Rick,

You need to vent the air trapped in the impressions of the letters.

Take a sewing pin and drive it through affected areas of the lettering to the outside surface of the mold.

Inject, see which letters fill and which don’t and drive some more holes as needed.


I worked on one of the molds today and used a sewing needle to vent each letter, I need to spend a little more time on it but it’s working pretty well. Thanks, Michael! I really wouldn’t have thought a needle hole would vent with no powder. Again, thank you for the tip
Rick Barnes