Wax gun

Sharon asked,

Can you use the “cool melt” guns or
do you need the higher heat of the regular glue gun? Also, do you
know a source for the wax sticks?<<

I’ve not seen a ‘cool melt’ gun, but I’ll hazard a guess & say
yes. Hot (cool) melt glue is really a thermo-plastic & most
thermo-plastics I’m familiar with need at least 300 deg F to
melt. I’ve not used all the waxes in the world, but most of them
melt below 300F.

I don’t know any source of wax sticks the size required for wax
(glue) guns. Maybe I should start producing them? Most of the
stick wax I’ve seen listed in catalogs is too small in diameter.

Also remember, if you want to turn the heat down on your glue
gun, you can connect it to a light dimmer switch. There was a set
of instructions here for making your own 3 or 4 months ago. It
may be in the archives. If it isn’t or you can’t find it let me
know & I’ll make another set.


As for wax sticks for glue melt guns, it was stated that Matt
wax sticks will fix the larger glue guns. I haven’t tried this
yet but I got one of the tiny little guns and a glue stick and am
going to try to find a metal tube with the same inside diameter
and fill it with Ferris green melted into the tube then extruding
or pushing it out to see if I can make my own wax sticks. Dave

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